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many bad thoughts. and not the kinky kind of bad.

Ok, this is gonna be all lot of little rants. First off, my computer is still sucking severe monkey balls. I have run at least one virus scan every day, and most days it’s three. I get pop ups that won’t let me close them. I’ve had todo a search of my files and GO INTO MY HARDDRIVE to delete some goddamned files that went ahead and installed themselves. Also, internet explorer thinks it’s pretty damn funny to CLOSE ALL OF MY FUCKING WINDOWS! i had to type this in Word first, then copy and paste it here, cuz i didn't want to lose this entry too. And sometimes, I am really doing work. Like last night, I was researching stuff about the play I’m doing for costume design class. Stuff that I had to have done today. And it was SWELL the way that my windows were closing every twenty minutes or so. Not like it mattered, cuz my presentation was CRAP. Damned woman didn’t even let me finish my fucking presentation, just said I needed to do more research (duh), I can’t just say that I’m going to use pink and blue for costumes cuz no one has color memory (which is of course y I didn’t HAVE A PAGE WITH MY COLOR SOURCES ON IT BITCH) and I needed to be more organized. Again, a big duh, since I bought the friggin shit for holding it an hour before class. GRRRR. Then I get home to the lovely degenerates that plague my building. I seriously had to flush the toilet cuz some little princess is to high and mighty to flush her own bowel movements to the sewer. I just can’t understand HOW these people made it this far in life without absorbing ne kind of sense. Seriously, how hard is it to not let the smell of ur weed travel down the hall. Especially if u r 2 doors down from the RA. Which is of little consequence since he’s never here, and when he is, stays shut up in his room most of the time. I’m fairly certain that if he was a good RA then his billboard for Breast Cancer Awareness wouldn’t have had the words moved around to spell out Raw Breasts Can See. Of course, I may be overestimating the, and I hesitate to use this word, intelligence of my floormates. They r just lucky that I don’t know where the science building keeps the sulfuric acid, nor that I have a place to store barrels of the stuff. If I did, the gene pool would be a cleaner place. *needs to hurt something*
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