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"oh, when will the crazy merry-go-round of fun and excitement ever end!"

ok, so last nite, my roomate and i had a couple of ppl over.  and they drank.  it was quite amusing, i have like 30 minutes of video tape of it.  but then one of the guys asked to use my computer, so i was like, go ahead if u want to deal w/ it.  so he's trying t ocheck out something, and he realizes that my vomputer is about as sick as the native americans were when the english gave them the smallpox blankets.  so he tells me he can fix it.  i get horribly excited and let him.  he did manage to delete some bad stuff.  but he also deleted my winamp, my spyware sweeper, google toolbar w/ pop up blocker, and AIM.  i was less than thrilled with this.  he was going to delete my internet explorer, but fortunately 1 of the other guys talked him out of it.  and he realized he wouldn't know how to get it back for me.  but as i well yelling at him, he swears my computer will run better.


i STILL can't access my livejournal page, i can't get to many of my friends', my webmail still takes 2 or more tries to get into, i can't get into my hotmail, i can't play ne of my songs, i did manage to get my AIM back but lost the list of away messages that i have been working on for over a year, the start menu is still f-d up (though that could possibly be my fault it was working again before i deleted AOL unlimited internet that i got by re-downloading AIM), my internet explorer will still close, as well as still does that half unused window thing (the little window marker at the bottom of the screen will remain highlighted but i can't move the page or do nething on it), AND i still can't access my school's online services for checking on my schedule or if i owe ne money to the school or stuff like that. 

and u would think that i should know better.  not let slightly inebriated guys who i don't really know mess w/ my computer.  but he was funny and cute.

there has GOT to be a third option to men and women.  i refuse to believe that is what the world is limited to.

"Y'know, it's not that God ass-fucks me every chance he gets that pisses me off so much as that annoying laughter of his i constantly hear in the back of my head." - Something Positive

a little extreme, but kinda how i feel.


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