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i want other people's blood on my hands

it's not making ne sense, and it's pissing me off. not to mention the mood swings. though i suppose i should be happy that the cramps r minimal, and not 3 week long, this month. but, i think i'll still be pissed off neway. the first part of this month, for 3 non consecutive days, i had a little blood. not spotting, nothing that needed washing out, but still. then, i bled for one day. and this past thursday, it starts, so i'm like, well at least it's not show week. and saturday, it's unusually light, and sunday like it's the 6th day. so i figured it was over, and that the funkiness from earlier was knocking days off.

i had to go to the bathroom during work, and layered that damnable cheap toilet paper in my underwear. at least it wasn't a heavy day, but it certainly made controling my homicidal urges harder to a large degree. at least i didn't hit the boy today. and thank god Katie had a tampon i could have at rehersal.

and if this was the first time my period had been unusual, then i wouldn't be this angry. but in fact, unusual is normal. my friend thinks i should see a doctor. i htink i SHOULD have been a bio major, then i could cut the fucking uterus out myself. i don't want children, i can't even remember to feed myself regularly. and y on earth would i want to bring some ungrateful, whiny, moneysucker into this nuthouse of a family? i think, instead of bringing us all together in 5th grade to talk about us "becoming women," we should be able to choose between "becoming" or removing. THAT woukd be much better. and would cut the cost down on all the bloddy tapes they show.

cats can get fixed, why oh why can't i?
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