Verde "lmcgiglez" Petimetre (lmcgiglez) wrote in lifesucksclub,
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*head. desk. repeat*

so i am an idiot.

a big, lumbering, trying-to-put-the-square-peg-in-the-round-hole idiot.

i have an 8am class. please note the time i am posting this.

no i did not get out early.

my alarm went off at 6:50 and i, seemingly forgetting WHY it went off, shut off the snooze and turned the alarm on for my small green clock.

it is set for 8:15.

and then, to finish off, i spill the bottle of low strength painkillers. i have to throw away over 20 of them away (because the floor/rug is LifeSucksJournal worthy of nasty & some landed in the wet sink).

and thus, i depart for maybe some comfort with My Little Kyle.
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