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"and even if you are feeling stong, move along, move along"

it is officially my 21st birthday.  please, no sentimental messages; i'm having a hard enough time sleeping as is.  

frankly, this doesn't seem like all that big a deal to me.  so what i can legally order/buy alcohol.  THAT is going to drastically change my life.  never ordering a plain old soda again--caffine is no longer my addiction.

and then there's how i'm celebrating.  yes, it kinda sucks that it is also on father's day, but that sucks for my dad too.  and i had a beautiful plan to just spend the day fishing on the boat; just me and him.  perfect.  then my mother said that my grandma was so looking forward to spending my whole birthday with me and on the boat, and oh, is it alright if she and her join dad and i, or was it just supposed to be us.
manipulative harpy.  and they're probably going to sit in my favorite spot the whole time.
so besides watching the other side of House season one disc two and Four Brothers with dad at some point, the day is shot.  and i even thought the fact that they gave me off work was a good sign.
my best friend is living it up in France and my sister is in Spain.  and i'm stuck at home.  yes, i do have many other friends here, and quite a few of them i would love to hang out with.  but its father's day; they're all basically celebrating.
and to make it even more depressing, i keep thinking about all the shit that happened the summer i turned 18.  its kind of a birthday ritual now: another year older, another year since my dad almost died, another year since the fight with my mom that keeps me from feeling like i'm lying if i ever get her a card talking about how much she means to me.  thus y i'm up now after working for nine hours on >5 hours of sleep and little food  and hydration (though that part is my fault).  

so now i think i'll stop bemoaning my problems on the internet.  provides more blackmail possibilties
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