Verde "lmcgiglez" Petimetre (lmcgiglez) wrote in lifesucksclub,
Verde "lmcgiglez" Petimetre

what's with all the angstyness lmcgiglez?

i hate people.
really. they disgust me. especially children.

and i keep having to work with customers. now i'm not even separated by a counter. they're next to me. in my bubble. contaminating my air with their breath and odor (and some are quite fragrant).
and they talk to me. try to joke around if i'm sullen, commenting on their purchases. just because i greet them doesn't mean i give a damn about them. for all i care they could be buying "How to Get Away With a Gruesome Murder" and a chicken wing, so long as it doesn't involve me. honestly. not a damn given here.
and they touch me.
nothing dirty (besides whatever germs they carry), just those accidental brushes when i hand them something to put in the cart.  but i hate it.  i don't want strangers touching me.  i don't know where they've been.  i try so hard to hold things in such a way as to give them the most space and best grip AND not come in contact with me.  but it doesn't work.   so whenever i can i use the hand sanitizer at the podium.  gods the touching ::shudder::  
and the kids do it too.  only they're sweet and innocent little demon spawn and i can't glare at them (they might squeal to their inept parents).  and they talk to me.  i have no clue what to do.  sometimes, i ask them if they can find a place in the cart for the items.  this might seem sanguine and innocuous, but its really to keep them busy.  and distracted from me.  
sometimes they scream, and throw tantrums.  and what do the parents do?  offer them bribes.  if i had done that, i'd have gotten spanked.  

nasty things, all of them.  despite what Greg says, i can't go on a mass murdering spree.  unless i come up with a kewl name for myself.
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