rhetorical defamation (acrasie) wrote in lifesucksclub,
rhetorical defamation


People who think that they know everything they know more about the current crisis in the Middle East than Kofi fucking Annan or the members of the UN just because they watch Fox News and the other 24-hour propaganda machines every single fucking day need to feel the sole of my shoe on their face. While an elephant is wearing my shoe.

You will never learn anything accurate about the situation in Lebanon right now by watching pundits spout poorly-researched, pissing in the wind theories out in order to tittilate and amuse/outrage the viewing populace. Read some books about, look for local blogger perspectives, find an expert's journal/essays/articles on the subject and then put that altogether to synthesize your own opinion as if you actually had thoughts or a brain.

And then you still won't know enough about the situation to have a true perspective on what's happening. It's that complicated. At least you won't look as stupid as the mouth breathers quoting Ann Coulter.
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