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Verde "lmcgiglez" Petimetre

As I said the words I felt an unsettling sensation inside, as if I were on the verge of an important

i was going to post this as a blog in myspace, but it felt like it was going to be whiny, so i thought "why not lifesucksclub? no one goes there often enough for me to feel bad about whining."

i'm tired.
of everything pretty much. Christi invited me to go see a movie with her and another friend, and i bailed. sure, its not a movie that i really want to see, but who knows when i'm going to see her next? so now i'm tired and feeling like a bad friend since i know i probably would have gone if it had been another movie.
and yea, i didn't sleep well last nite (natch) and i opened this morning, but still i shouldn't be this weary. but i am. i even cut an arguement with Kate short because i just didn't care.
and its only going to get worse. i still have to move back up to school after this week of work. into the small room. with the roomates i don't even want to know. hell, i still have to email them and orgainze who's bringing what. and then i have to put up with another year of school. and i STILL won't be done, because i am a lazy, indecisive, pathetic excuse for a life.
i just want to be done with everything. life, the universe, and everthing. exist in my own fantasy world where i don't have to do anything unless i want to, i'm done with school with minimal loans, and all the guys i like are my age. and, u know, interested.
maybe its just the pending mensturation. which is just another thing i'm ready to be done with. i already get hot and cold flashes (my nails were turning blue today at work), so y do i still have to bleed from my nether region whenever my body thinks it'd be funny?
bitch moan complain and carry on. gods, i'm all those ppl i hate so much.
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