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We Hate the World

(And the Feeling Is Mututal)

The Life Sucks Club: We hate the world
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acrasie: There are people trying to fuck me over as we speak. I hate the world.
lmcgiglez: hey, that's a good idea for the motto for our club!
lmcgiglez: The Life Sucks Club: we hate the world
lmcgiglez: and the feeling is mutual
acrasie: That sounds pretty good.


acrasie: we could make and lj community with just us in it. for now. the lifesucksclub.
lmcgiglez: hehehe
lmcgiglez: but what would we put in it?
acrasie: just random anger and angry sayings that if we posted in our regular lifejournals would make people go, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" or "Um..that's a little scary." Instead we'll support each other's anger with return volleys of sarcasm and bitterness.