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Merry Fucking Christmas

so, another christmas has come upon us. i hate it. well, not so much as hate as loathe everything involoved basically. i hate buying gifts. i have to make sure every1 has an equal share, and i practically never know if the ppl will like what i picked out. usually i give cards to the ppl i'm not going to give presents to, though this year school got too hectic. i hate wrapping gifts. i do a poor job of it, then theres always that spare piece of wrapping paper that won't do for ne gift, but is big enough so that i feel awful for wastin it. and theres the fact that itjust gets ripped up and thrown out neway. then theres cleaning the house. i hate cleaning. it's not something i do. especially vaccuming. i can't stand it. and god knows the house is never clean enough. but i REALLY hate being home. first off, i need to do something w/ my time, something that'll earn money so i don't grow up to be irresponsible and lazy (newsflash, i'm 19 and my bad habits have already formed! ur too late!!). then there's shopping w/ my family. when we went on saturday, i developed no less than 4 headaches. then my sister was running late for returning home on the 23rd, so she just went over to her best friend's house cuz she had promised (and told my mom) that she would go out to dinner w/ them. this of course sets my dad off into 1 of his funks and he's sulking and stomping about the house saying 'guess we don't matter, after all, we're just family.' my mom tried to reason w/ him, which only made him angrier so he started to thump about 'ok, fine, guess I'm wrong then.' then my mom changed her tactics to acting as pissed off and immature as my father, slamming things around and yelling. my dad almost drove off, and my mom quibbled that SHE wasn't going to go driving off when HE was in a bad mood. so they both stayed. in separate rooms. i had a flashback to the hell that was my 18th summer, but kept working on my sister & her fiance's christmas gift. then this morning (and by morning i mean 1pm) i heard them (and by them i mean my mother) arguing that maybe they should change how they do christmas, "maybe next year we should go somewhere, if we're still a 'we' by then." she's such a bitch. i tried to drown them out by putting on head phones but about 30 minutes later we were all dragged unceremoniously from bed to say hi to my grandma and eat some lunch/breakfast. unfortunately, my sister has either come down w/ something or ate some bad food last nite, so she's sick. and my grandma was sure to insert a comment about how we were still in our pajamas that late in the day. and she dragged my father off to do shopping for him, even though he kept telling her that the thing she really wanted to get for him would be easier to order online, but she's had horrid experiences w/ that stuff and refused. and that was what led into my assisting of cleaning the house today. u know, it's pointless to scrub a toilet when some1 just goes and throws up into it right after.

is it January 26th yet?
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