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they say home is where the heart is. so how r u to find it when u don't have a heart?

i was supposed to be on my way back to school by at least 11am.  but the goddamned fucking salt trucks can't bother to deal w/ roads in subdivisons and my dad had to go to Alabama for guard duty and his is the only car w/ 4 wheel drive.  he's also the only driver in my family, besides my sister, who doesn't fucking freak out about snow or driving at nite.  but of COURSE it had to be ice too, because god just wants me to revel in how much my life sucks that i have to be here another fucking nite w/ just my mother.  and my grandmother made sure to tell me in her phone call to my mother that i need to go to bed early so we can get up early to get me to school so they can come back and meet w/ their customers.  god i can't do this i cant stay here i cant i'm not strong enough for that.  and to add to it, my roomies r rearranging the room.  which is ok, K wasn't there when we were first setting up in august so it's kinda a karma thing i guess, it's just DAMMIT.  i'm a spoiled whiny ass bitch and i want to be there when they start to do big shifts.  i'm the only 1 that seems to remember that we can't stack the 2 dressers on top of eachother, cuz A) no one in the room is tall enought to USE the upper drawers, & B) it will eliminate shelf space.  my printer, which is used by my roomate as well, doesn't fit on the desk w/ the monitor and i don't have a shelf above it like last year, and theres no way in hell i can reach it when two 3 foot dressers are stacked together.  i suppose i could put it on the floor, but then i also have to find another place for my plants, and the floor is a bad idea for those, and i can't put it ontop of the wardrobe like last yr unless we've found a new area for the TV, DVD, and PS2 where i don't run the risk of ruining wires.  and i am STILL FUCKING HERE and spazzing cuz i can't find this or that now and if we had left when we were supposed to then i would just have to deal cuz the stuff would either be in all the packed bags and i'd find it eventually or i couldn't do jackshit about it cuz it was in a different county!  and i am almost out of my soda and i just feel like theres nothing to eat or do here and my mother actually suggested that if i wanted to take 1 of my nite walks i should do it while it's still daylite outside which defeats the purpose of being out at nite when other ppl r indoors!  all i want to do is die, and i know i'm over reacting but i don't give a goddamned flying fucking shit!

and now my momthe is fucking LAUGHING while on the phone.  if i'm suffering EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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