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Rules of Etiquette: for fast food customers

Drive thru:
>look over the menu BEFORE driving to the speaker. Some places use timers, so not only are you making yourself look foolish, but you also hurt the person taking your order.
>when you do drive to the speaker, SHUT OFF YOUR FUCKING ENGINE. And speak clearly.
>don’t bother specifying the order is “to go.” We got it, thanks.
>if the order taker tells you to show your discount card at the window, show your discount card at the window. Don’t expect a discount after the money has been dealt and the food is coming to you.
>if there’s only one person visible to you, they’re probably the only one working Drive-Thru. So if it takes a while, give them a break.
>try to have the money ready to give the cashier. But DON’T have your arm stuck out of your window, like an impatient bitch. Especially as you're driving up.
>Don’t litter. We can have you arrested.
>there is nothing wrong with checking your bag to make sure your order is right, but don’t inconvenience other customers. Park, check, and if need be come in a calmly explain what is wrong.
>demanding to taste test your drink before paying is rude. We will get you a new drink if it isn’t good even after we get your money. And bragging to the cashier about how many times you’ve made them change the soda because of you; bad idea.
>don’t roll your window back up unless it’s automatic, and can be down again quickly.

Dining room:
>don’t bother to ask how we are if you don’t actually wait to hear an answer.
>don’t bother trying to be cute/funny. We really don’t care.
>if the largest item of currency you have is a quarter, go to a CoinStar first. This also applies to Drive-Thru
>when in doubt, get your food to go. Even if you do eat there, you cut down on the amount of cleaning that will have to be done.
>when you are done ordering and get your recipt, go wait AWAY from the register. We're done with you.
>don’t act all pissy if something you asked to be taken off of your food wasn’t, it IS fast food, we try to do it fast. Only reason to disregard this rule: if you are allergic to said something. Otherwise, go fuck a tree and take the offending food off yourself. I've done that since i was 5, surely a 30yr old can too.
>if something is wrong with your order, calmly explain it to the cashier, or someone who comes up to you when you are at the counter. Generally the person you’re telling had nothing to do with making the order. And if it’s an ordering problem, it can be fixed. Honestly.
>if you really can’t keep waiting for your food on a bad day, ask for a refund, don’t be a jackass.
>we’re being nice to you because we’re supposed to be, not because we’re flirting.
>tell us if you are searching for change, don’t expect us to magically know. And don’t hand it to us once the drawer is open and we’re getting out your change.
>there are door handles on the doors for a reason, and it’s not your own personal cement star.
>yes, you are a customer, but you weren’t raised by wild animals, try to eat neatly.
>don’t grab more napkins than you intend to use or take with you. We can’t put them back.
>your child is disgusting now get it away from me.

Enjoy your eating experience!
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