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Abused Wives and Husbands in Training

so, late nights when i can't sleep i flip around. and inevitably, some horrible thing on MTV catches my attention for a half hour or so. sometimes it's RoomRaiders (they need to do more lesbians, they are funny), sometimes it's Next (always take the money, but call them later). the show that i think hurts me the most is Parental Control.

i cannot even begin with how wrong everything is. from the name (totally implies old school chastity belts and towers with no doors) to the same pack of guys and girls the parents pick through and ending around the horror that is always the significant other (and the treatment of everyone else by him/her). what pisses me off most is that no matter what they do (breaking gifts the other suitors bought, the verbal abuse to both the "contestant," the "chosen," and the parents) the damn kid 9 times out of 10 picks the person they were with before. that's just begging to use the line "well, he *promised* he'd stop nailing those crackhoes and hitting me, and they always say 7th times the charm!"

i'm not saying the parents are who you should necessarily let pick your dates, and i'm not just saying that because my family doesn't actually know that i do like boys (why they think [or hope] i'm a lesbian, i don't know); i am also not saying that they always know when the person you are dating is bad for you (the whole "no one will ever be good enough for you" frame of mind) but parents do usually want what's best for you. and they also usually want to keep in contact with you. i know if any spawn i had brought anything into my house that talked to me the way some of these (and i hesitate to compare them to the species) men and women do to the parents, and then STAYED WITH THEM AFTER A FUCKING TELEVISION SHOW THOUGHT WE WERE RIGHT, my kid would be kicked out of the house. they can move back when they've cut ties with tall dark and ruins-your-life, or they can visit on holidays WITHOUT their tumor half.

for i will have a gun.

and if that little shit walks back into my house, i will start shooting body parts until it is no longer an issue or they leave.

and i hate wasting bullets, so i'll aim for the first idea.

i would never date someone that treated my parents like that. i may not like my parents, but i do respect them, and some asswipe telling my mom she can suck his dick in front of my dad is not respect. and i'd like to think that if i started dating some guy that acted like that (vandalism, telling my father he's going to kick his ass, calling me a whore) that one of my friends would be all, hey, stop, no.

you're heading for an episode of Parental Control.

and the reunion show for Parental Control?


and to the losers of that show, who are those that waited in line to date this person, saying something jerky to the camera (and in Klingon?) is not really selling the 'she/he is losing out.'

just a btw

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